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A website changes monitor service with new and better technology!

Monitor website changes remotely, in the minimum amount of time, without the need for continuous requests. No matter if you have access to CMS or not, NeoWatcher provides the opportunity to monitor content changes on any websites owned by you, competitors, distributors, or partners. It is a unique engine that can track changes up to 1,000 pages across an entire website. Most comparable services track only a single page.

Tracked data includes any type of content modifications (codes, texts, links, images, videos, etc.), which could be important within SEO. Our special website change monitor system becomes especially helpful when you need to control all performed actions under your site, or track the activities of competitors on their sites.

Website content changes

NeoWatcher notifies you about changes on all the pages of any public website.


Background automation without
reports duplication

Our specialists set up all the options based on your specific needs and the system
automatically sends only the most useful reports.

Cloud solution

No need to install any software on your PC. Get access to NeoWatcher
data anywhere an Internet connection is available.


Mail notification

Receive website content changes reports right in your mailbox every day,
or any other frequency that you prefer.

More opportunities!

Aside from the main NeoWatcher feature (website change monitoring on the whole website), there are many other benefits, such as notification about deleting or creating pages and URL scanner.

By using a simple, intuitive interface and by applying adaptable settings, the service allows you to generate custom reports, including graphic presentations of website changes and reports on how to exclude duplicates or commercial ads.

NeoWatcher allows to monitor website changes daily, and lets you know what kind of changes were made, when exactly they were done, and what pages received modifications. This makes it exceptionally easy to control staff and contractor work with NeoWatcher. The website change monitor service will notify you about corrections, extractions, or content replacement made by subordinates.

Detection of Visual content and HTML code changes
Variable report types:

visual (was/became), number of changed symbols, screenshots

Link control:

get informed about external links with "nofollow” and “noindex” identification

Broken URL notification

with corresponding 404, 503, 200 code

Read more about how website changes detection can be useful for web project managers

Monitor website changes to solve a number of actual tasks!

NeoWatcher is efficient for improving content, preventing (deliberate or accidental) content damage, and permanently controlling changes.

For example, during website reconstruction or internal SEO optimization, various types of activities can be outsourced to external professionals. After appropriate tasks are assigned to programmers, makeup designers, SEO specialists, and managers, it is important to ensure that all tasks are being carried out as expected. NeoWatcher allows you to automate the control of the activities, and there is no need to monitor website changes by opening the pages manually. The NeoWatcher service can even track activities on dozens of sites on the Internet simultaneously. Data collection has never been so easy!
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NeoWatcher is not just a website content changes detector. It can provide many actual solutions for any business or individual, such as:

Contact our managers to find out more about how NeoWatcher can support your web activity.


NeoWatcher is an SaaS (Software as a Service) product. You do not have to run an application on your PC or server to use it. Whole data processing is made in our Cloud. All you need to monitor website changes is a browser and a valid e-mail. The stipulated website change notification system allows you and your staff to receive analytical reports in your inbox (the frequency of reports – hourly, daily, or weekly – depends on the rate that changes appear on the website). A detailed history of website changes (including screenshots) is saved by NeoWatcher from the moment the website is registered in the system. This allows you to always go back to any stage to see the content before changes were made.

See more information about NeoWatcher technology in Tools&Reports.

Facts and figures


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sites registered in the system


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Who will benefit from Neowatcher capabilities?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists

The NeoWatcher website change detection service can help SEO professionals detect and fix critical optimization mistakes that appear on clients’ websites in a timely manner. SEO managers can designate the service to monitor website changes on any number of sites. The NeoWatcher website change notification system assumes alarm activation which allows the site owner, SEO professional, or administrator to focus on their daily duties until changes are performed. In addition to the basic function, there is opportunity to use an URL scanner, which will report link validation and «follow/no follow» identification. The service frees you from manually monitoring website changes and conveniently and frequently notifies you with appropriate reports.

Marketing specialists

Every business organization has its own share of the market and the success of your company depends, to a certain extent, on how much it can outdo competitors. To accomplish that, more often than not, you need to have the freshest information about your major competitors’ offers. The NeoWatcher website change monitor service is an instrument that gives you all the information about changes on the websites of your competitors and partners. You can track price changes, bargain sales, actions, loyalty programs, and bonus systems as soon as they are available.

Find more information about competitor monitoring.

Charity Helms

Assoc. Director,
Digital Creative & Development

«I just want you to know I am VERY HAPPY with your service ( I am catching developer mistakes that i never would have known about before. Thank you!»

  • Charity Helms

    Assoc. Director, Digital Creative & Development

    I just want you to know I am VERY HAPPY with your service ( I am catching developer mistakes that i never would have known about before. Thank you!

  • Michael Crown

    Michael Crown

    Marketing Manager

    Very nice and convenient service! Easy to use and no need for special knowledge to run it.

  • Stephen Brighton

    Stephen Brighton

    Head of Digital Marketing Department

    Content is a general factor in ranking websites. NeoWatcher allows me to see all changes on the supported sites right after my content managers amend pages. As a result, the human factor is under control and I spend less time checking work results. It gives me a nice advantage over my competitors!

  • sally

    Sally Thornton


    It was very helpful during the reconstruction of three of my websites. I clearly saw every move a contractor made. It helped me to prevent some serious mistakes and save a lot of time in eliminating unwanted consequences.

Pricing, monthly plan


up to 10 pages

at website


up to 500 pages

at website


up to 1000 pages

at website


up to 5000 pages

at website

Scanning frequency:
Once a day $4 $9 $15 $30 Recommended
Once a month $4 $5 $8 $15
Once a week $4 $7 $11 $21
4 times a day $4 $14 $23 $45
Hourly $6 $27 $45 $90
Every 5 minutes $12 $54 $90 $180
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Minimal order for 1 website monitoring – $10

If your website has more than 5,000 pages or / and you need to track changes more frequently than hourly, write us at, and we will offer individual terms. To track several websites, please, choose the rate for each of them.

The NeoWatcher website changes monitor system is your way to control your websites or react appropriately to the moves of competitors.
We are ready to convince you that Neowatcher is a useful and effective business tool by offering a free trial. We hope you enjoy the test and do not hesitate to contact our managers for any further consultation.

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