Website change tracking

NeoWatcher for web project managers

Increase your project awareness and deliver unique benefit to your customer!

Website change detection simplifies control function for a web project managers.

Responsible person, who controls the whole process, during implementation of web project of any complexity, should be informed about all changes and performed actions by his (her) team members. It’s more actual for the projects which require many involved specialists.


For example, website development project needs to have professionals in different fields of IT: software developers, designers, webmasters, SEO professionals, content managers, copywriters – a team of niche specialists, each doing their own job.

In case of absence of any website change detection system, they all have to report about their work results manually, but what if someone doesn’t? What if some specialist do mistake and other will build their next steps based on it? It can cause loss of time and money. Website change detection in a sense answers the question of awareness about web project condition!

Track website changes with daily reports!

NeoWatcher service is effective website change detection tool. It solves to certain degree the problem of control over the results of professional’s work inside a webdesign company. The head of web studio, who simultaneously allocates tasks to different workers, can track website changes that take place during a projects for different clients.

NeoWatcher service set to notify when website changes and enables the user to see the results, quality of work results and if deadlines have been respected. History of changes and/or robot’s messages lets see new pages right after they appear on the site, you understand what pages have been changed, what has been deleted, and what has been added.

Comparative information is available as analytic reports as well as screenshots (before and after). Besides, NeoWatcher send a warning if the site does not respond for some reason or functions incorrectly.

Website change notification as special feature from web developers for their clients!

Most of the time client of a web project wants to know about every step of web developers. It brings a lot of extra moves about requesting-reporting through all the project team.


Neowatcher tracks website changes and automatically sends message every day. Keeping project under control, client will be satisfied (of course, if all goes according to plan). Especially website change detection would be useful, when project is under strict deadlines and/or budget limitations, so, the client should see the work is in active phase. In any case, no one is able to follow every step they make, and no one has the whole picture of what exactly has changed, on which pages and when, until they use service NeoWatcher.

Neowatcher website change notification service gives a great opportunity to be informed about any content changes on a website. Access to the service allows to track website changes in code, text, pictures and even shows broken links and reports about creating of a new web pages. Intuitive interface and simple presentation of results do not require special knowledge.


We are sure website change detection technology from NeoWatcher will bring web development service to a new level of project communication between the client and executor and such additional feature will allow to get great advantage against existing competitors.