Website change tracking

NeoWatcher reports: website content changes
tracking is easy!

NeoWatcher website change alert in email reports

Neowatcher email notification
Website change alert activates sending of email notification every day. The report contains a table, where the number of rows is the number of pages that contain changes. Frequency of website change alerts can be set to various types, depending of user needs.

Text/code changes visualization

NeoWatcher will notify when website changes. After that, go to your account and see report. All readable text from every page is displayed in the system. Text, that hasn’t been changed is not highlighted. Added text is highlighted green, deleted text is highlighted red.

NeoWatcher will notify when website changes in HTML code, so it will be displayed in the report too. It is very useful in case of link changing (for example), because it can’t be detected without looking inside code of page.

Screenshots in reports

Service notifies you when website changes and shows clear report in a pictures. Screenshot of the page gives clear understanding about how it was and how it looks in a browser now.

Numeric summary of changes in text, code and pictures

wallpaper-calculator Website change alerts reports displayed in numbers. For better understanding and fast evaluation of page changes, the report that is sent by email and is available on-line contains the number of deleted and added characters. For example: “-200/+214” means that 200 visible characters have been deleted and 214 added.

The same repots is shown for the code changes. It is important because text and code changes reports can be different. NeoWatcher will notify when website changes even in case of adding or deleting a pictures. It also will be displayed in numbers similar to text/code reports format.

External URL Scanner

Special feature from NeoWatcher is URL Scanner. During website changes monitoring it creates a list of external links (leading to other websites) which are able for export. This feature will be useful for SEO professionals.

NeoWatcher URL Scanner allows building the list of external links with properties such as “nofollow” and “noindex”. Also it can serve as bad link checker and shows it’s availability (codes 200, 404, 503, …).