Website change tracking

NeoWatcher cases — examples of website content monitoring usefulness

Products monitoring

Products monitoring — we offer a list of the most popular websites with goods selling offers, prices and reviews. Chose from the list or add yours, give us detailed description of the product and we provide you with relevant pages contain needed information. During according period you will get notifications about all changes on the choosen website categories. Existing product monitoring cases: cars, laptops, smartphones.

Law changes monitoring

Law changes monitoring is a great solution for businessmen and lawyers. NeoWatcher will notify about any changes of existing laws, which published on a government web resources. You will see where exactly were changes made, so it’s no need to look it through the context. NeoWatcher will notify when website changes even in case of creating of new page. So, right after the appearance of the new law you’ll get notified about it. Existing law monitoring cases: USA government laws, Australian government laws

Flight tickets and hotel rooms
availability monitoring

Flight tickets and hotel rooms availability monitoring — special tourist program. If there all tickets are bought or no available rooms in a favorite hotels, NeoWatcher will send a message when it appear on appropriate site. Or if you want to save money on a trip, choose services with actual propositions and stay in touch of the hot offers with huge discounts.