Website change tracking

Competitor monitoring by
changes on their websites

Every company has its competitors with stronger or weaker position on existed market. Hardly to find any company without a website with actual information about its activity or statement. You have a great advantage, if you find out about changes on their websites first. So, forewarned is forearmed! NeoWatcher is a perfect competitor website monitoring solution!

Competitor price monitoring

Stay competitive by operatively reaction at changes in competitors pricing. Never loose opportunity to get more margin when your competitors increase their prices. Or keep the demand stable by controling actual prices lower then other distributors. All those actions are getting simpler with NeoWatcher competitor price monitoring. Fast notification – operative reaction – customers’ approval.

World trends tracking by
actions of the market leaders

Be oriented to the leaders! They truly know which decisions are succesfull. Watch the changes performed by companies with the most authoritative influence on the world’s trends and do not lag behind modern preferences. NeoWatcher competitor monitoring service will get you know first about changes on the websites
of market leaders.

Idea generation by receiving of the new business
solutions from competitors

Why should you create a “new bicycle” if existed solutions work perfectly? Watch your business enemies and use their ideas with improvement on your enterprise. NeoWatcher competitor monitoring service will help you to get new ideas and reform it to create more benefits against competitors.

Get informed about relocation of competitors or about opening/closing of representatives or branches

Fresh information about extention or redaction of branch network or replacement of headquaters is very bright testimony about inside situation of the company. If your rival gets read of «teasty» place somewhere on the
«red line», you better be first to know that to use this information effectively.

Competitor monitoring is more necessity than rule

Competitor monitoring is the one of the most important part of marketing activity. You probably made all necessary market research before promoting your product (or service). You know everything about customers and their needs and expectations. You even made a special database about your competitors according to priority. What’s next? After the moment your product is shown to the world, competitors react respectively, so you need to know about it.

Super competition

Today business environment is changing too fast. This is the time of super competition, there are more strategic competitive threats and profits are likely to be volatile. Every day and every hour competition is getting harder. Adversaries are not sleeping. They are looking for ways to bite a piece of your margin. Be sure, they’re watching you! Most of them have competitor price monitoring in different levels of complexity and automation. Intelligence functions should establish a competitor monitoring system to evaluate and provide early warning of new strategic and tactical competitive threats and opportunities.

And what about you? Do you have a special analytic-man, whose task is to know all about every move of your competitors?Yes, it causes some expenses and sometimes it can really take time. NeoWatcher offers a great competitor monitoring solution! It can watch a content on your competitors’ websites! All collected data will be sent right in your mailbox with detailed easy-reading report every day. You just need to analyze a given information a little bit and take the right decision.

Competitor price monitoring

NeoWatcher gives a special attention for competitor price monitoring. The system allows to arrange settings in convenient way and it is possible to get every day information about prices, which have been changed. So, you’ll be informed about competitors pricing operatively. As result you’ll be able to correct your own prices, which will be more attractive. Competitor price monitoring can be focused on a few different websites, which belongs to the different companies each or you can choose one or two services, which collect all actual information from different distributors in one place. NeoWatcher competitor monitoring system can handle with website filtering and brings exact right information. It won’t send unnecessary fake notifications.

New ideas according to the trends

If you perfectly informed about actual prices, the same thing is about special sales or new features. Sometimes loss of actual trends can be disaster. So, new ideas and interesting solutions of your competitors will be working for you! Just answer to the market fast with more effective and enticing offers.
NeoWatcher effectively tracks the whole websites. Competitor monitoring based on a detection of any relevant changes — this is the major benefit of the service. Now it’s easy to become a leader because you know what are enemies doing.