Website change tracking

Tools & Reports

Feature Description Group Screenshot
Visual comparison of changed text

All readable text from each page is shown in System. The text, which wasn’t changed is not highlighted.
Added text is highlighted green, deleted — red.

Visual comparison of HTML code

All HTML code (including readable text and code, which accepted by browser) from each page is shown in System. For example, if link is changed (but not anchor), you will be able to see it only in code. This is available in NeoWatcher.
Light red — paragraph of changed/deleted text/code.
Dark red — what exactly was deleted.
Light green — new (changed or added) paragraph.
Dark green — what exectly was added.

Email notification

For the Standard account available daily email notification about website changes. The report includes a table, where quantity of rows matches with quantity of pages with detected changes. Here is an example of report about changes, which have been detected on two pages. On both pages:
Zero readable symbols are deleted, ten are added.
Zero HTML symbols deleted, 984 symbols added.
No changes in images on the pages.
You may click on the second column to view details. A click on the first column “URL” will lead you to the target site.


In case of adding or changing a page, screenshot is performed (actual view of page in browser)

Visual comparison of screenshots

The system keeps screenshots of both page states: past and current. For convenient comparison there stipulated switch between «was» and «became» state manually or automaticly.

Website state fixation

Website can be backuped to the previous state, which was recorded by the system (screenshots, text, HTML code of every page). Data stored within last 6 months (Standard account).

Numeric summary of changes in text

Email reports include figures of quantity of symbols of readable text, which were added or deleted. For example, «-200 / +214» means 200 symbols were deleted and 214 were added. Very useful feature for evaluation of total page modification!

Numeric summary of changes in HTML code

Email reports include figures of quantity of symbols of HTML code, which were added or deleted. For example, «-40 / +32» means 40 symbols were deleted and 32 were added. Very useful feature for evaluation of total page modification!

Numeric summary of changes of pictures

Email reports also show quantity of pictures, which were added or deleted. For example, «-21 / +21» means 21 pictures were deleted and 21 were published.

Two interface types

You can easily switch between two types of interface: manager (basic) and SEO specialist (advanced technical functions)

Two scanning types

NeoWatcher gives opportunity to scan internal URLs on website pages independently (automated mode). Manual mode allows to detect only URLs added by user to the main page.

Advanced settings
External URLs

Every scan creates a list of external URLs (which goes to other websites), which can be exported to table, including «nofollow» and «noindex» properties and availability (answer code 200, 404, 503).

Manual adding of pages

If website includes a pages forwarded by non-HTML URLs (for example, jump to page performed using JavaScript or links loaded through AJAX), they can be added to monitoring list manually and parser will check it as well.

Advanced settings
Mailing list

There can be from 5 to 100 recipients (any email addresses) of reports from NeoWatcher.

A few users
Notification settings

Conditions of receiving of reports can be setted to every recipient individually (different frequency, report types). For example, supervisor gets summary about changes ones a week, office-manager — daily, content manager — right after changes were

A few users
Types of users

NeoWatcher allows to create 4 types of user:
1. Owner — superuser, can do everything!
2. Administrator have rights to add and edit records. Also he can add, delete and change users’ rights, except the owner.
3. User can only watch. He doesn’t have rights to edit records and initiate parser to scan.
4. User with parser — (expected) simple user with right to initiate parser to start scanning.

A few users
Group of pages

Website pages can be sorted to groups by URLs. For every group can be pointed individual monitoring area. This feature provided to notify about only «right» changes (avoiding of useless reports such as watch, visitor counters, voting results, local.

Advanced settings
Manual scanning for changes

Website scanning frequency is daily for «Standard» and «Gold» account, and every hour — for «Platinum» account. But sometimes there is exigency to check site right now. That is why was provided manual scanning. «Standard» account allows to do 20.

Custom development
(from $400)
If you need for extra features send a message to We can expand Neowatcher functionality or develop a new particular service. It starts from $400.